Rosa nutkana (Nootka Rose)


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Plant Description: A large, slightly arching shrub that can be thicket forming with stems that range from quite prickly to almost thornless. Young stems appear pinkish green but blacken with age. Light green leaves are pinnately compound with 5-7 slightly hairy sharply toothed leaflets. Leaves are glandular releasing a spicy fragrance on warmer days. The large 4 in wide flowers are in clusters of 1-4, with pink to purple colored petals. Flowers bloom from May to July and are great for bouquets. The spherical fruit of Nootka rose is a dark red to purple rose hip, with persistent sepals. 

Nootka rose fruits (rose hips) are edible raw or cooked and are full of vitamins. This plant is also used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. *CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL FOR MEDICAL USE. NEVER CONSUME PLANTS WITHOUT PROPER ID*

  • Height: Up to 10 ft
  • Width: Up to 6 ft
  • Watering needs: Tolerates coastal conditions and occasional flooding.
  • Sun needs: Sun to partial shade
  • Soil needs: Prefers moist to semi-dry soil
  • Bloom Time: Late spring to mid summer
  • Ripening Time: Rosehips ripen in fall and persist through the winter
  • Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): Yes

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This Willamette Valley native is found in many Western states in moist meadows as well as near the coast, forming thickets in coastal prairies and growing at low to mid elevations under 2300 ft.

We recommend growing Nootka rose in meadowscapes, rain gardens, and woodland gardens. This plant is excellent for attracting pollinators and it can be a good choice for wildlife and birds as well. 

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