Spike Amaranth - 30 seeds (Amaranthus caudatus) SM


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Family: Amaranth (Amaranthacea). Annual. 50 days to maturity.

Plant Description: Plant looks like a fist with one upraised finger, a sort of botanical one-fingered salute of crimson flowers. This is a black-seeded amaranth. The red color is due to the content of betacyanins, and the leaves are an edible and tasty potherb when picked young. *NEVER CONSUME PLANTS WITHOUT PROPER ID*

This is a vegetable amaranth, not a grain amaranth – grain amaranths, like Strictly Medicinal's orange or golden amaranth, have blonde seeds.  

Growing Instructions: Plant prefers full sun and regular garden soil. Direct seed in the spring garden. Press in, keep evenly moist and in the light. Thin to 2 feet apart.

30 seeds/pkt, Certified Organically Grown.

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