Southern Oregon Bokashi


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Southern Oregon Bokashi is composed of symbiotic microorganisms (Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeasts, and Photosynthetic Bacteria) grown onto a grain substrate that when utilized has been shown to:

• Breakdown nutrients from the soil therefore making the nutrients more available to plants

• Reduce the amount of fertilizer needed to achieve healthy productive plants

• Increase microbial activity in soil and, as a foliar spray, on leaves

• Improve soil structure by creating aggregates and increasing water holding capacity, therefore, reducing runoff and soil erosion

• Increase photosynthetic capacity of plants

• Suppress soil borne disease and pests

• Improve plant growth and fosters the formation of larger flowering sets

• Dramatically speed up composting of manures and organic waste

• Can be used in conjunction with organic, synthetic fertilizers, and other mycorrhizal products

• Provides high levels of polysaccharides, micro-nutrients, beneficial enzymes, and organic acids

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