Solidago canadensis ssp. elongata (West Coast Goldenrod)


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Plant Description: Upright, rhizomatous, perennial with a mostly unbranched stem and elongated, saw-toothed linear leaves with a showy terminal inflorescence with an open plume shaped cluster composed of multitudes of small yellow composite flowers.  This naturally occurring subspecies is native to the Willamette Valley, as far north as British Columbia and as far south as Southern California and has leaves that are notable more narrow than other subspecies. Flowers are great for bouquet use and bloom in July-October. The fruit is an achene. Blooms late summer into fall. The aerial parts of this plant are edible. *NEVER CONSUME PLANTS WITHOUT PROPER ID*

  • Height: 2-4 ft
  • Width: 2-4 ft
  • Watering needs: Moderate water
  • Sun needs: Sun to partial shade
  • Soil needs: Tolerates a wide variety of soil, including clay.
  • Bloom Time: Late summer into fall
  • Backyard Habitat Certification (PPL): No

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This native plant is found growing near roadsides, in fields and meadows below 7000 ft. Because of the wide distribution and the existence of several varieties, there is significant variability in the characteristics of local ecotypes.

Canada goldenrod is an important source of nectar for honeybees and other pollinators. It attracts beneficial insects as well. Excellent plant for woodland gardens, food forests, meadowscapes, and riparian meadows.


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