Slender Hairgrass (Deschampsia elongata) Seed Packet WW


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This perennial bunchgrass is the finest textured Willamette Wildlings sells. It’s common name, slender hairgrass, fits it perfectly and should give you an idea of just how lissome this grass is. Delicate panicles arch gracefully over tufts of bright green foliage and are swayed by the slightest breeze. This is not a bold grass, but is beautiful in its own right. Perfect tucked among your annuals and perennials in your cottage or wildflower garden - it doesn’t steal the show but compliments other plants nicely. This is more of a cool season grass – it will need supplemental summer water to keep it green. Otherwise, it will turn to an appealing golden-tan as the season heats up.

  • Family: Poaceae
  • Per/Ann: Perennial
  • Sun/Shade: Sun to shade – best in part shade
  • Zones: 3 to 10 Height: 12” to 18”
  • Bloom time: mid-spring
  • Habitat: occurs in a wide variety of habitats that are seasonally moist, often semi-shaded....forest openings, woodlands, riparian and wetlands, meadows and prairies.
  • Stratification: probably not necessary but chilling for up to 30 days may enhance germination.

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