Pinus ponderosa var. willamettensis (Ponderosa Pine Willamette Valley)


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Plant Description: This is a fast growing, long lived conifer with a conical to rounded crown. Usually grows up to 65 ft tall, though can grow larger in the right environment. Branches usually exist only on the upper half of the tree. The bark on younger trees is dark brown to black; as it ages it turns a beautiful rusty brown and orange color with a scent of butterscotch. Green needle-like leaves are in fascicles of three and 5-10 in long. Needles remain on the tree for only 3-4 years with major needle drop occurring in September and October. The seed cones are woody and have spiny tipped scales.

  • Height: 82-230ft
  • Width: 2.5-7ft
  • Watering needs: regular while establishing, then moderate to dry
  • Sun needs: full sun 
  • Soil needs: well-drained, rocky
  • Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): Yes

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This native plant is found from Southern Canada to Northern Mexico and east into the Dakotas, in open dry forests at elevations between 500-7500 ft.

We recommend growing this tree in meadowscapes. It provides excellent canopy and habitat for birds and wildlife. Cold hardy and drought tolerant once established.

*Photos by SevenOaks Nursery*

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