Physocarpus capitatus 'Rubio '(Pacific Ninebark 'Rubio')


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  • Deciduous shrub, to 5-20 ft (1.5-6 m) tall, less width, open, straggly, angled branches, bark exfoliating in long irregular strips.  Leaves alternate, simple, 3-10 cm long, palmately 3-5 lobed and veined, lobes pointed, margins doubly serrated, glabrous and somewhat shiny above, stellate-pubescent below; petioles 2-4 cm long.  Flowers in late spring, small, 5 white petals, about 30 stamens, 3-5 pistils, in dense, hemispherical clusters (corymbs).  Fruit small, inflated follicle, reddish to brown, about 6 mm long.
  • Sun to shade, best in acid soil, requires some watering.  Propagates easily from cuttings.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 5   Native to from British Columbia south to central California and east to western Montana.  Common along stream banks, lake margins, swampy areas and in moist woods.

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