Oregon Iris (Iris tenax) Seed Packet WW


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Surely one of the prettiest irises. This native wildflower forms grass-like clumps of emerald-green foliage which give rise to enticingly beautiful, almost exotic, blooms of varied colors. Colors most commonly range from purple to light blue, but can occasionally be pink to white. Evergreen, deer-resistant.

  • Family: Iridacaea
  • Per/Ann: Perennial
  • Sun/Shade: Sun to part shade
  • Zones: 6b to 9 b Height: 6" to 20"
  • Bloomtime: mid-spring to early summer
  • Habitat: Open woods, woodland edges, meadows, moist to dry soils.
  • Stratification: 4 wks of warm-moist followed by 8 wks of cold-moist.

Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): Yes

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