Holodiscus discolor (Oceanspray) CC DP


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Plant Description: Oceanspray can be recognized by its alternate, oval to triangular leaves with lobed or coarsely and doubly toothed margins. The green, upper surface of the leaves can be smooth or coarsely-hairy; the paler, under surface is strongly veined and soft-hairy. Its flowers are white to cream with lilac-like drooping clusters. Seeds are actually wooly achenes (dry, one-seeded fruit) in tiny dry capsules. It usually has several main stems with brownish peeling bark; the ends of the branches arch gracefully outward.

  • Height: ~3-10', but can be as short as 2.5' and as large as 12-20' in certain conditions
  • Width: 10-15'
  • Watering needs: low-moderate-high
  • Sun needs: shade or partial shade
  • Soil needs: Adaptable, does well in garden soil. Tolerates Serpentine Soil. Soil PH: 6 - 8
  • Bloom Time: Spring and Summer
  • Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): Yes

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: Elegant, decorative shrub that is highly adaptive. Drought and deer resistant, and tolerant of most soils, including clayish, it needs little maintenance other than occasional pruning. Excellent for erosion control and hillsides. It is a good choice for a sunny woodland garden, near the back of a shrub bed, or next to a building. It also functions great as a habitat for birds, pollinators and as host plant for many butterflies. 

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