Philadelphus lewisii (Mock Orange)


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Plant Description: Mock Orange is an erect, open and spreading shrub with a fibrous root system and light brown bark that peels away in strips. Leaves are dark green and opposite, sometimes with small hairs below, margins either entire or with widely spaced shallow teeth. Fruit is a small dark brown capsule. The fragrant flowers are borne singular along the stem or in small clusters at the tips of branches. Four creamy white petals surround a multitude of pale yellow stamen. Flowers are excellent for bouquets.

  • Height: 12 ft
  • Width: 12 ft
  • Sun Needs: Sun to partial shade
  • Soil Needs: Well-drained moist soil to dry soil
  • Bloom Time: May to June

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This native plant is found in the Pacific Northwest and eastward into Montana. Philadelphus lewisii prefers riparian zones, north and east facing canyon slopes, and forest openings, usually under 4900 ft. This plant is excellent for woodland gardens and food forests.

We recommend this plant for its fragrant blooms and ability to attract pollinators. It can also be planted on slopes having erosion issues. Excellent cover and habitat for wildlife. Drought tolerant once established.

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