Geum macrophyllum (Large-leaf Avens) SE


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Plant Description: This plant is an upright, clump forming, herbaceous perennial. Its basal leaves have 3 lobes and upper leaves are segmented into 3 parts; all leaves are toothed. The stem is covered in small hairs. Flowers are terminal with five delicate, yellow petals. Fruits are achenes with hooked styles that congregate together forming a globe of red hooked styles. 

  • Height: Up to 3 ft
  • Width: Up to 3 ft
  • Watering needs: Prefers consistent moisture, tolerates seasonal flooding
  • Sun needs: Full to partial sun.
  • Soil needs: Moist, well draining soil
  • Bloom Time: May
  • Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): Yes

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This native plant is found in moist woods and meadows, and near streams at elevations under 10,800 ft. It is recommended for meadowscapes and woodland gardens. This plant is beneficial for attracting pollinators, but can be an aggressive spreader in the garden.

*Photo by SevenOaks Nursery*

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