Festuca idahoensis ssp. idahoensis (Idaho Fescue)


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Plant Description: A delicate low-growing tuft grass. Leaves are thin and dark green, with edges that rolls together, making them appear round, they grow 2-14 in long. The plant itself can grow up to 3 ft. The small florets are grouped into spikelets, typical of grass. The spikelets appear in a panicle inflorescence well above the tuft of leaves. The florets bloom from late spring to mid summer.

  • Height: 11-39"
  • Width: 12-20"
  • Watering needs: Drought tolerant
  • Sun needs: Sun, partial shade
  • Soil needs: Well draining soil

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This Willamette Valley native is found in the Western United States and Canada in dry grasslands, arid plains, and rocky slopes, from low to subalpine elevations. It is an excellent addition to meadowscapes, rain gardens, and woodland gardens.

This plant is great for creating habitat and is a butterfly host plant. Idaho fescue is slow to establish but once established, has an abundant growth of fine leaves that provide effective ground cover, and high yields of tough, fine, fibrous roots that control erosion and improve soil structure.

*Photo by SevenOaks Nursery*

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