Fava Bean, Windsor Cover Crop


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Also called Horse or Broad bean, the Fava is not really a bean at all, but a member of the pea-vetch family. It produces long pods filled with large, edible beans which are popular fresh, dried or pickled.
  • Application Rate: 2-5 lb/1,000 sq ft or 125-175 lb/acre
  • Inoculant: Pea Vetch or Garden Combination Mix inoculant (sold separately)
  • Germination: Days
  • Plant Height: 8' (on good soil)
  • Uses: Green manure, attracts beneficial insects, fixes nitrogen, edible beans
  • Facts to Note: This tall legume is deep-rooted and fixes Nitrogen up to 150 lb/acre. Beautiful black and white flowers attract many beneficial insects. The large seeds must be planted deep (up to 3") and early to grow a good stand prior to cold weather. Easy to turn under if mowed or scythed first.

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