Dracaena fragrans (Dracaena Lisa Cane)


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Plant Description: This is one of the most enduring varieties of dracaena. Dracaena Lisa does not require much attention and special care, while it looks spectacular: dark shiny leaves on high narrow trunks, and a fluffy crown of the plant, so this dracaena type is often used for landscaping and decoration of interiors. Perfect for smaller spaces, as it grows upwards quickly and is less full in width. Dracaena Lisa requires little effort and is great in lower light.

  • Height: 6-7 ft
  • Watering needs: Drought tolerant; allow soil to dry in between watering
  • Sun needs: Low light tolerant, will thrive in bright indirect light
  • Soil needs: Well draining
  • Pet safe: No

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