Heuchera micrantha (Crevice Alumroot) SE


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Plant Description: This plant has green to greenish red evergreen leaves are mostly basal. Leaves are rounded to heart shaped with 3-7 shallow lobes and margins that are soft to sharp toothed. The leaf stem is long and hairy. Red flower stems rise about 12 in above the leafy clump. The flowers are open and large comprised of many small delicate whitish green flowers. 

  • Height:  0.5-2 ft
  • Width:  1-2 ft
  • Sun Needs: Full shade to partial shade
  • Soil Needs: Moist, well-drained course textured soil
  • Bloom Time: Between May and August, depending on elevation

Landscape Use & Ecological Function: Native to the Northwest, this plant is found on mossy rocks and crevices and in gravelly stream banks at low to high elevations. This plant is a friend to pollinators.

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