Mitella caulescens (Creeping Mitewort) CN


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Creeping Miterwort is a lovely addition to a moist woodland garden. 1-2” maple shaped leaves create a green groundcover with 6-12” stems producing unique tiny flowers.

  • Plant type/canopy layer: perennial herbaceous plant/ground layer
  • Size at maturity: 2-6’ leaves, 6-12’ flower stems
  • Light requirements: full shade, part sun / part shade
  • Moisture requirements: moist to wet soil
  • Bloom Time: April to June
  • Growth rate/ease: medium, requires rich, moist soil
  • Native habitat/range: Shady woods, wet meadows and swamps, low to mid-elevations from British Columbia to NW California.  Portland Plant List - yes.  

Gardening with Creeping Miterwort: Add to your moist, shady woodland garden amongst friends like ferns, inside-out flowers, and bleeding hearts and maybe a mossy log or two.  Enjoy the stunning-in-miniature flowers that appear along the tall stems, great for a camera close-up. 

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