Achillea millefolium (Common Yarrow)


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Plant Description: An aromatic herbaceous perennial producing one to several stems from a fibrous rhizome. Foliage varies from dark to a silvery-green. Leaves pinnately compound and divided multiple times forming delicate fern-like leaves. Flowers are composed of both ray and disc flowers, which are white varying occasionally to a light pink. The flowers, which are great for bouquets, aggregate together to form a flat-topped cluster.

  • Height: 3 ft
  • Width: 3 ft
  • Sun Needs: Sun to partial shade
  • Soil Needs: Well-drained soil
  • Bloom Time: June through September
  • Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): Yes

The aerial parts of yarrow are edible and usable for medicinal purposes. This plant is often used medicinally by brewing into teas. Leaves are also used to stop bleeding. *CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL FOR MEDICAL USE. NEVER CONSUME PLANTS WITHOUT PROPER ID*

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This Willamette Valley native is commonly found in every state and province in North America. Grows well everywhere other than deserts and over 11,000 ft.

We recommend planting yarrow in many different types of gardens - it will do well in rain and woodland gardens, conventional or ornamental gardens, food forests, and meadowscapes. This plant is a natural insect repellant and is excellent for use in compost as well. Drought tolerant.

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