Common Madia (Madia elegans) DP


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Plant Description:

* Height: 2-3ft
* Width: 2-3ft
* Watering needs: low, can tolerate dry summers once established
* Sun needs: shade, can tolerate sun
* Soil needs: moist, well-draining to dry, rocky; prefers rich acidic
* Bloom Time: Summer, Fall

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: Spring Madia (Madia elegans) is a native annual herb in the Asteraceae (Sunflower) family that is widespread. It tends to grow in open, grassy places, at elevations from sea level to 3,300 feet. The stems and leaves are hairy, exuding a pleasantly aromatic oil which led to the common name Tarweed. The typical composite flowers are variable and consist of yellow ray flowers, sometimes with reddish to burgundy base. The ray flowers curl up during the daytime. The disc flowers can be yellow or darker. The fairly long summer bloom time makes it important for pollinators. The seed is an achene which is edible and was eaten by native people.

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