Colossal Seedling Chestnut Tree (Castanea hybrid) SN


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Plant Description: This hybrid of Japanese and European Chestnut, Colossal Chestnut Seedling is disease resistant and bears abundant crops of large, sweet nuts. Beautiful , large spreading nut trees, Chestnuts feature long, tropical looking, glossy green foliage and showy cascades of fragrant, yellow male catkins in mid-summer. In the fall you can harvest bountiful crops of sweet and nutritious nuts encased in unique, spiny, golden brown balls. Unique among nuts, Chestnuts are high in starch and are delicious roasted or boiled. If you do not eat your nuts shortly after harvest, it is best to refrigerate them in plastic bags to keep them from drying out. Plant two or more plants for cross-pollination. Hardy to minus 25° F.

  • Height: 40-60+ ft
  • Watering Needs: moderate
  • Sun Needs: 1/2 day to full sun
  • Soil Needs: well-drained soil
  • Bloom Time: June
  • Ripening Time: late September
  • Bearing Age: 3-4 years after planting

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