Coffea arabica (Coffee Tree)


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Description: Native to Ethiopia, the coffee plant (Coffea arabica) flowers in the spring with small white flowers, then bears half-inch berries that gradually darken from green to blackish pods. Each of these fruits contains two seeds, which eventually become the coffee beans we use to brew coffee. While the beans are edible, the rest of this plant is toxic to humans and pets.

Grow coffee in a bright spot to keep it happiest. The more light, the better -- and the faster it grows (though it's important to make sure the plant is not frequently exposed to full sun, as it can burn). If your coffee eventually gets too big, you can trim it back whenever you like. Doing so will cause your coffee to develop more dense, bushy growth. A tropical indoor plant, coffee appreciates abundant levels of relative humidity. If the air in your home is too dry, your coffee plant may end up with brown leaf tips or edges. Boost humidity to keep new leaves healthy.

  • Height: 6–15 ft.
  • Width: 6–15 ft.
  • Watering needs: Prefers regular and ample watering
  • Sun needs: Bright, indirect light
  • Soil needs: Rich, slightly acidic, and moist
  • Pet safe: No
  • Bloom Time: Spring

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