Euonymus occidentalis (Western Burning Bush) SE


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Plant Description: This is a somewhat uncommon plant that grows as a shrub or small tree, reaching heights of around 15 ft. The plant's thin, green, oval-shaped leaves are sometimes rolled under along the edges. This plant's flower clusters hold up to five small flowers at the end of a long peduncle. Each flower has five rounded, mottled petals of red, pink, brown or white color, around a central nectar disc with 5 nubs. The fruit of this plant is a rounded red-orange capsule with three bulging lobes.

  • Height: up to 15ft
  • Width: up to 10ft
  • Watering needs: regular
  • Sun needs: full sun to part shade
  • Soil needs: moist, fine sandy or silty loam, well-draining
  • Bloom Time: spring
  • Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): Yes

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: This Willamette Valley native grows in western North America from British Columbia to California, where it is the only member of its genus growing wild. This plant is beneficial for creating wildlife habitat and we recommend planting it in woodland gardens.

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