Compost Tea Lab Brew Bag


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The TeaLAB Brew Bag is made out of 400 micron nylon mesh and climbing grade binding. Hand stitched in Seattle by a cut and sew shop that specializes in hard-core backpacking gear, needless to say, this bag is made to last. 

Fill the Brew Bag about a 1/3 of the way full of compost materials, roll the top down and clip the buckle. Suspend the bag in the brew with the carabiner clip. The bag is so durable that you can use it to scrub out your brew vessel. Simple, effective.

Benefits of TeaLAB's Brew Bag:

  • Strong and Durable Nylon Fabric and Binding.
  • 400 Micro Mesh is the ideal sized for brewing compost tea.
  • The lanyard and carabiner makes it easy to hang in your brewer.
  • Made to last in the USA. 
  • Comes with a very useful laminated recipe card for 5-50 gallon compost tea brews.

Available Sizes:

Small Brew Bag (9" x 14") - Sized for a 5 Gallon Brewer

Large Brew Bag (20" x 22")- Sized for 15-55 Gallon Brewers

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