Boykinia major (Large Boykinia)


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 Plant Description: Tall leafy stem growing from short rhizomes. Lower leaves are heart to kidney shaped with several lobes and often sharply toothed along the edges. Leaves at the base of the plant can be up to 8 in (20cm) across. It bears a dense, flat-topped array of many small white flowers with yellowish centers.

* Height: 3ft
* Width: 2ft
* Watering needs: moist
* Sun needs: part or full shade
* Soil needs:
* Bloom Time: early summer to early fall
* Portland Plant List (Backyard Habitat Certification): No

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: common species of moist shady forests and riparian locations, Boykinia major is found near wet meadows, pond and lake margins, from sea level to 7500 ft (2286 m).

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