Biodiversity pot-Oregon Meadow Pot


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Item Description: Everything you need to start your own diverse native prairie or meadow. Each planter includes three plants that are commonly found together in meadows of Oregon.

Keep potted in a sunny spot to keep your own bio-diverse mini meadow or plant in the ground to get your sunny meadow started in your yard. Native plants grow best in ground, but can be kept in pots with attentive care, regular feeding with compost teas or natural fertilizer, and consistent watering. Repotting in a larger pot every 1-2 years will allow for root growth and will help keep plants healthy. Attracts butterflies, beneficial insects, and pollinators.

  • Sun Needs: Part to full sun
  • Soil Needs: well draining
  • Water Needs: wet with seasonal moisture

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: Wildflowers and grasses that occur in open meadows that are most often seasonally wet and sometimes seasonally dry, offers coverage for small animals and provides food for pollinators, beneficial insects, butterflies, and birds.

Plants you will find in your Meadow biodiversity pot: Camassia quamash, Sidalcea campestris, and Deschampsia caespitosa

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