Iris setosa (Beachhead Iris)


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Plant Description: Iris setosa is a densely tufted, showy perennial herb. It grows from short, thick rhizomes which spread to form large clumps of branched stems. The leaves are grass-like, 12- 24 inches long by half inch wide, becoming thinner at the tips. Flowers are few and, depending on the region, come in a range of shades of violet and blue. Its three large sepals spread outward and curve inward at the tips. Each sepal displays conspicuous dark veins and a lighter color at the base. The three sharp-pointed petals are very small and grow upright from the center of the corolla. Fruits are egg-shaped capsules, one and a half inches long.

  • Height: 3ft
  • Width: 12in
  • Sun Needs: Partial shade, can tolerate full sun
  • Soil Needs: Damp to wet soil, may tolerate drier conditions 

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: grows in wet meadows, marshes, coastal swales and lake shores, at low to mid elevations. It is found in Alaska, British Columbia, along the east coast of Canada and south to New Hampshire and Maine. These plants are usually grown in gardens for ornamental purposes.

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