Erigeron speciosus (Aspen Fleabane)


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Plant Description: Erigeron speciosus is a native perennial with a leafy, bunchy stem base and numerous charming blue-violet flowers. Its lowermost spatulate leaves grow up to 6 inches long and are attached to the stems with petioles (short stalks). The upper leaves are shorter, lance or spoon-shaped and lack petioles. Each flowering shoot bears up to a dozen flower heads composed of yellow disk florets and blue or violet narrow ray corollas. White rays can also occur, yet very rarely. 

  • Height: 6-30"
  • Watering needs: moist to dry
  • Sun needs: full sun to part shade
  • Soil needs: moist to dry
  • Bloom Time: early to late spring

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: Scattered throughout Western North America, Erigeron speciosus commonly inhabits low to mid elevations in open woodlands, thickets and forest clearings. It ranges from British Columbia, to Northwestern Oregon, east as far as South Dakota and south to Arizona and New Mexico.

A lovely addition to a sunny wildflower meadow or butterfly garden.

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