Seed Potato Assorted (Organic)


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Arizona Gold

Large oval tuber that is yellow fleshed and versatile. Thin skinned with buttery flavor. Moderate keeper. Better than German Butterball in flavor and yeild. Mid season 85+ days

• Mid Season


• Drought tolerant

• Great for baking

French Fingerling

This gourmet quality fingerling has smooth red skin and yellow flesh. There is usually a little pink/red ring just under the skin. It produces medium to large tubers.

• Late Season

• Organic

• Heirloom

• Excellent storage

• High yield

• Great for roasting

Huckleberry Gold

MSU researchers have found that Huckleberry Gold has a low glycemic index. This variety does not cause a rapid spike in blood sugar like most starchy foods. Great potato for diabetics!

Huckleberry Gold produces round to oval small to medium sized tubers with purple skin and yellow flesh. Resistant to common scab and verticillium wilt.

• Mid Season


• Uniform size

• Great flavor roasted

Red Pontiac

#1 red every year! This large round potato has thin, dark-red skin, deep eyes, and crisp white flesh. Excellent for mashed potatoes and boiling but not for baking. Heat-tolerant, long-storing and high-yielding, it will grow in heavy soil. Well suited for growing in wire cages. One precaution about this variety: the skin is so thin it should be allowed to cure and firm up for a week or two in the ground after the vines die back.

• Mid Season

• Organic

• Heirloom

• Heat tolerant

• Good for mashing

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