African Milk Tree (Euphorbia trigona varigeated) AN


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Description: A newly discovered cultivar of Trigona. This plant features molted green and white stems and sprouting green and white leaves with tinges of pink on leaf tips and the margins around the thorns. Thorns are softer and not as dangerous as most. 

African Milk Trees are hardy, low-maintenance succulents noted for their erect, columnar branches and slender leaves. These plants can withstand more neglect than almost any other plant!

  • Height: 3-10 ft (varies greatly depending on growing conditions)
  • Watering needs: Low. Water sparingly and only when soil is completely dry
  • Sun needs: Partial sun. Will tolerate full sun but will need to be acclimated or leaves could experience burning
  • Soil needs: Well-draining (an organic cactus mix is ideal)
  • Pet safe: No

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