Absinthe Wormwood - 100 seeds (Artemisia absinthium) SM


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Family: Aster (Asteraceae). Hardy to Zones 4 to 9.

Plant Description: With its classic silver-green foliage and nodding yellow flowers, true wormwood is a worthy garden plant and thrives on dry edges and in the full sun. This is the plant that is used for making traditional bitters, also an ingredient in absinthe.

Traditional usage (TWM): vermifuge. Of course, unreasonably high dosage or extended use can prove toxic due to a buildup of thujone in the system. *CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL FOR MEDICAL USE*

Growing Instructions: Sow tiny seeds on surface of sandy soil. A gratifyingly easy germinator and a long-lived plant on the landscape. In the fall, cut back to just an inch or so above the old growth.

Packet contains 100 seeds. Certified Organically Grown.

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