Monstera deliciosa


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Monstera deliciosa is an impressive houseplant that brings drama to a room! This native plant of Mexico and other tropical parts of the Americas features massive, heart-shaped leaves. A young plant will give off solid foliage, but over time will produce leaves of increasing size with large fenestrations (the leaf splits).

Allow to climb on a trellis or pole. Prefers bright, indirect light. Make sure to not let the soil dry out completely! Protect from cold temperatures!

Description: A very popular houseplant known for its "swiss cheese" leaves. The holes in the leaves are known as fenestrations. Not all the leaves of this plant will be fenestrated. 

  • Height: 10-15 ft
  • Watering needs: Moderate, allow most of soil to dry between watering
  • Sun needs: Bright indirect light
  • Soil needs: Well-draining, but moisture retaining
  • Pet safe: No

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