Broadfork by Meadow Creature


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Available in four sizes:

12" People's Broadfork is easy for almost anyone to use and digs a full 12" into the soil. Turn turf into garden; a breeze to use in established beds. Especially for smaller size folks, older adults, anyone who prefers a lighter weight tool. High-strength alloy steel won't break.

Weight: 15 lbs. Tine length: 12 inches. Width: 19", Handles: 46-1/2".

14" Tall Broadfork has great balance and effective leverage . Easy for most adults 5'5" and over to use. High-strength alloy steel, welded together, will not bend or break. Handle a range of tasks from breaking compacted soil to tilling established beds and aerating perennials. 

Weight: 22 lb. Tine length: 14". Width: 20". Handles" 50".

16" Farmer's Broadfork is a beefy tool for deep cultivation of root crops that can get a lot done. Extremely heavy duty, cultivates 16" deeHeavy and harder to use than our other models, this tool provides ultra deep digging, best for established beds and experienced farmers. A serious tool. 

Weight: 25 lb. Tine length: 16". Width: 20". Handles: 48".

9" Raised Bed Broadfork is a lightweight tool designed to till, aerate, and cultivate smaller spaces. Fork tines extend 9" deep, perfect for raised beds, with a single handle to easily loosen compacted soil. Also a handy tool for harvesting root vegetables. 

Weight: 8 lbs. Tine length: 9 inches. Width: 12". Handles: 25-1/2".

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