Whiskey Bitters Adventure Kit


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Three whiskey-loving flavors give you room to experiment and the flexibility to accommodate the broad range of whiskeys and dark spirits. Bitters are all about upping the sensory experience of cocktails and beverages. Whiskey + sugar is just sweet whiskey. Whiskey + sugar + bitters is an Old Fashioned - deeply aromatic, smooth, flavorful, and comforting. It’s a drink you can think on, that can ignite your imagination, trying to figure out why it’s so good. It’s not sweet whiskey.

Portland Bitters Project bitters are made with organic botanicals for the truest flavor, no funny business.

  • Each botanical is processed individually.

  • Portland Bitters Project uses organic, non-GMO cane spirits for a soft, round mouthfeel and no extra pesticides or fertilizers

  • Every flavor is layered for depth and complexity and to integrate into your cocktails and no-proof beverages seamlessly

  • A small amount of raw sugar helps all the herbs shine through on your palate

Making bitters is complicated and challenging, so why go through all that effort if you’re not going to start with the best stuff? Portland Bitters Project started this line because they couldn’t find the flavors they wanted out in the world. 

  • Every bottle is made from amber glass to block UV light and keep your bitters tasting great for years

  • Every bottle has a dropper top, so you can customize every drink with *your* perfect amount of bitters

  • Labels are waterproof, so no matter how wild the party/camping trip/movie night gets, your bitters will still look great on the bar in the morning

  • Portland Bitters Project bitters are more concentrated so you can get dozens of cocktails from each mini bottle

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