The Just Add Water Home Brewing Starter Kit


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The Just Add Water home brewing kombucha or jun kit - all you need is water!  Everything you need to start brewing right now and for years to come! Our soft cloth covers come printed with bright patterns to keep things fun. 

1 Gallon Wide-mouth Glass Jar, Soft Cotton Cover, Rubberband, Stick-on Thermometer, including our Guaranteed Live Kombucha or Jun SCOBY, a one gallon organic teabag, and complete brewing instructions. 

**Kombucha kits come with one cup of certified organic cane sugar.  Jun kits come with one cup of pure local honey.**

All sales come with direct customer support and a guarantee that you will make kombucha at home!

Enough to make ONE gallon, but your kombucha or jun SCOBY can be reused any number of times.  

All of our production is licensed by the Washington Department of Agriculture and the FDA. We care about safety above all else.

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