Mimulus lewisii (Pink Monkeyflower) CN


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Plant Description: The blooms are bilaterally symmetric, consisting of five lobes, three downwards-pointing and two upwards. The flower centers are whitish, and enclose two prominent yellow structures (nectar guides), covered in fine white hairs and speckled red blotches. The large green leaves have deep lateral grooves (veins) and grow at intervals all the way up the stems, which have multiple flower heads.

  • Height: 9-14"
  • Width: 3'
  • Watering needs: High at first, once established is drought tolerant and needs only occasional watering
  • Sun needs: Partial Shade
  • Soil needs: Moist to wet soil, clay tolerant 
  • Bloom Time: Late Spring through Late Summer

Landscape Use and Ecological Function: Decorative flowering shrub. Highly attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. 

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