Union Point Mrs. Clucker's Natural Environments™ Layer Feed


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Natural Environments™ feed, a combination of high protein pellets, grains and seeds with a light basting of high Omega 3 vegetable oil. This has the advantage of providing the fun and beauty of the whole grains (pleasing to both owner and bird) with the protein meal in a pellet form that ensures the birds will eat it and not waste it. Protein meals are just too expensive to end up on the ground. Whole beans have anti-nutritional factors that rule them out. Peas would seem to be the perfect solution -- right size, shape, and color -- but research and on-farm trials have been disappointing. Birds can’t be counted on to eat enough of them unless they are disguised in pellet form. Union Point has the best of both worlds with a pellet and whole seed combination.

Union Point calls this product Natural Environments™ because they find all these ingredients growing here in the Pacific Northwest. Northwest grown wheat, flax seed, triticale, green, yellow and maple peas, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, milo, millet, sorghum and other native seeds are all things a chicken might find foraging in her local Natural Environment™.

Natural Environments™ was developed as Union Point was making feed for their own birds. They combined a specially formulated high protein pellet with their tremendously popular Sustainable Scratch™ and fed their research flock. The result was a feed that satisfied the nutritional needs of the birds and additionally pleased both humans and the hens’ appetite for fun, adventure, and satisfying food.

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