Union Point Mrs. Clucker’s Rabbit Feed with Pumpkin and Yucca


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Locally sourced forages and seeds are the backbone of Union Point’s rabbit feed. They never use unidentified ingredients like “forage products and byproducts,” “plant protein products,” or “processed grain byproducts.” You know exactly what you are getting and, with their clearly dated tags, you know exactly how fresh it is.

Union Point's unique addition, pumpkin seeds, adds a high value fat source and an extra helping of beta-carotene for vibrant health and soft, shiny fur. Calcium and phosphorus are perfectly balanced, proteins are matched to the rabbit’s growth and development needs, and fiber is at the healthiest level for your rabbit’s unique digestive system.

Pet rabbits, show rabbits, and breeding rabbits benefit from alfalfa, so Union Point combines Eastern Oregon alfalfa with another great legume feed source, peas, and adds a little Pacific white wheat at a level that supports good digestive health. The calcium and phosphorus are carefully balanced to maximize nutrition while avoiding urinary tract issues. The high-quality fats provided by pumpkin seeds, the freshness of camelina meal and oil and the natural Vitamin A provided by both pumpkin seed and peas ensure bright eyes, glossy fur, and optimum growth and reproductive health. Brewers’ yeast, vitamins and minerals, probiotics and prebiotics all add up to the best rabbit feed Union Point can come up with, pressed into a waste-free and dust-free pellet.

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