Moss Amigo (Pet Marimo Balls - Aegagropila linnaei)


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These cute little creatures are not moss at all. They are in fact, a type of algae - Aegagropila linnaei. A three day festival in honor of these green orbs is hosted in Japan every year. They are often times kept as pets.

Marimo balls grow approximately 5mm per year. They can grow as large as 12 inches n diameter and can purportedly live 200 years or more being passed down from generation to generation.

They can grow anywhere, including dark bathrooms or gaming rooms. You don't have to worry about it dying if you forget to water it or accidentally kill it with too much attention (like some other plants).

These are ethically lab grown in the USA by expert craftspeople. They are not harvested in the wild. They have been inspected to be free of animalia and zebra mussel. 

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