Goldenberry Physalis NN


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Description: Giant Groundcherry is also known by the names Cape Gooseberry, Andean or Peruvian Groundcherry, or Goldenberry. This South American native nightshade produces delicious and incredibly nutritious large golden berries. The velvety leaves and beautiful lantern-like calyx that encases the fruit give it incredible ornamental appeal. It is a rambling 3-5′ understory plant that can be grown as a long season annual in temperate climates or taken indoors to be perennialized. The berries are very sweet with a complex and tangy aftertaste. These plants came to us from seeds that have been saved since the late ‘60s by Dr. Alan Kapuler in Corvallis. These Andean Giant Groundcherries have been selected for their particularly large berries. They can be eaten fresh, juiced, turned into jams and marmalades, or dehydrated.


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