Ficus Rubber Plant 'Burgundy' FN


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Plant Description: Burgundy features rich, deep red foliage, and under lower light levels the leaves turn almost purple. Leaves are large, about 8” – 12” inches long and around 4” inches wide. This striking plant is low-maintenance, durable, and can add eye-catching dimension to a well-lit corner!

  • Height: 4-6 ft (though can grow up to 40 ft in the wild!)
  • Width: 3 ft
  • Watering Needs: Moderate, water only when soil is dry
  • Sun Needs: Bright, indirect light. This plant can tolerate low light but will have less vibrant-colored foliage 
  • Soil Needs: Well-draining, rich, moist
  • Pet Friendly: No

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