Complete 5 Gallon Compost Tea Kit


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TeaLAB's Complete Brew Kit bubbles the competitor's kits out of the water. The BubbleSnake is a super-widget that makes brewing easy. The Brew Bag is so durable you can use it to scrub out the bucket between brews. The air pump is commercial quality. The kit is made to last.

TeaLAB's system has been developed by a group of gardeners in the Northern California Coastal Mountains. It is tried and true as the easiest way to do the best.

The Complete Brew Kit includes:

-Brewing Vessel (5 gallon bucket only)

-BubbleSnake Aerator

-Brew Bag

-Commercial Air Pump (715GPH, 1110GPH, 1750GPH)

-All Hoses & Fittings

-LifeCube Compost & FishBall Combo Pack

-Chlorine Test Kit

-1 oz Five:Two Humic Acid & Kelp Extract

-1 oz teaH Down (pH Adjuster)

-1/2 lb Insect Frass

-Laminated Recipe and Unit Conversion Card

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