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Fermented Mud Balls

We love mudballs! Fermented mudballs are on a mission to clean and restore our water and earth. They have transformed how we view the possibilities of regeneration through their simple yet powerful methods of ancient healing. We are honored to share these precious pieces of wise and living earth with you.

Fermented mud balls have been demonstrated to have a wide variety of regenerative applications. They may be a catalyst for restoring our environment, cleaning toxic waterways, improving soil health and supporting the expansion of existing mycelial networks. Mud balls like these have been successfully used around the world to clean up waterways by supporting mycelium and beneficial members of the soil food web to outcompete pathogens and toxic compounds. Clean water and healthy soil are a concern for all living beings. Now, we have a simple and efficient way of participating in the cleaning and restoration of land and water that has suffered years of damage and toxicity.

How to Use Fermented Mud Balls

Mudballs can be placed directly into water or soil for remediation purposes. In the garden, mud balls can also be placed in garden beds, under drippers or around plants to boost soil health. 

How We Make Fermented Mud Balls

Our fermented mud balls contain life forces that rapidly partner together to create mycelial networks, indicating their quest to build sustainable ecosystems in land and water and to remediate damaged and toxic landscapes. We personally blend and craft our fermented mudballs by hand, using fermented organic matter, farm-made garden char, local spring water and clay from Wapato Island located between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. You may notice a white fuzz on the mudballs — they are alive and ready to work!

Our Mud Ball Story

These precious little mudballs have changed our lives! We encourage you to pursue and develop a reciprocal relationship with the life forces in these fermented mudballs, too. Our relationship with the mudballs began by making them in school garden programs and in indigenous communities. Shaping earth with children and imagining the life within the clay awakens our collective imaginations, revealing pathways into a beautiful and healthy future for all living beings. Building mudballs in community reveals a common denominator that all people share - living soil. This ancestral wisdom reconnects us with our earth family and brings hope to the hearts of all generations.

We personally use fermented mudballs, not only to clean water and soil, but also to give thanks and honor special places. We gift mudballs to trees, waterfalls, and rivers, to city drains, to places of trauma and to sites of celebration. We believe the healing power of the mudballs is only limited by our imaginations. For us, they have been teachers in reestablishing regenerative relationships with the earth that have helped us heal trauma and support mental health. The more we learn about the ancestral life forces within the balls, the more our ancient past is shared with us, fostering restoration of both Earth and people. As we heal the land, we heal ourselves. 

Ingredients: Fermented organic matter, farm-made garden char, local spring water, clay from Wapato Island located between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

**Photo and description provided by GroundculturePDX**

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